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Tracey Hulen has the expertise and tools to support educators in raising student achievement. Bring an expert learner to your school who can provide high-quality professional development in the areas of: 

  • Early Childhood Learning​​

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Mathematics Learning


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~"The most valuable part of this session was having a clear connection between pre-K and each grade up through 2nd grade.  Until this training, I always thought of pre-K as separate from K-2.”

~"I really like working in vertical groups as well as in our team groups. I feel this gave us a variety of viewpoints and opinions to discuss which was really beneficial.” 

~"Great Presentation with good practical take-aways for my classroom”

~“Thank you for helping us to realize that we can make goals with students and be more specific in preschool.”

~“It was very valuable to look at why we assess, what we assess, and how we assess.”

~ "I like the fact that they started with preschool as a comprehensive part of elementary education. In general, preschool teachers and those of us who work in       Special Education are often

     not part of the conversation when we should be.

~ "The presentation topic is very appropriate for what schools and early childhood programs are faced with at this time. The presenters have a great grasp on the information and they presented it in   manner

      that was easy to follow and understand. The visuals were clear, concise, and supported the information presented."

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